Basic code structure


Folder Description
Checkpoint Code related to checkpointing implementation, which allows to restart a simulation after failure.
Equations Model-specific code.
Geometry Everything related to reading tetrahedral meshes and setting up geometry information.
Initializer Code that is called during initialization, e.g. allocating memory, setting up matrices, parsing material information.
Kernels Common kernel code.
Model Common model code.
Modules Modules system implementation which allows adding code at pre-defined hooks.
Monitoring Contains code for HPC statistics collected during a run.
Numerical_aux Helper code for numerics, e.g. quadrature rules.
Parallel MPI communicator related code.
Physics Contains friction laws.
Reader Code for reading parameter files.
ResultWriter Fault, element, and surface output.
Solver Time-stepping and code executed during a simulation.
SourceTerm Everything related to kinematic rupture models.
tests Unit tests.


Folder Description
meshing Cube generator; gmsh converter; various scripts.
partitioning deprecated
science ASAGI converter; standard rupture format converter; various scripts.
workflow deprecated


Folder Description
performance deprecated
science Various scripts processing simulation output.
validation Cube mesh validation.
visualisation Receiver viewer; scripts.