Wave field output


The wavefield can be written in an hdf5 file, in order to visualize it in ParaView. To speed up the process, it is recommended to dedicate a few nodes to the writing tasks (see Asynchronous Output).


0 (default): Refinement is disabled, i.e. only one cell is outputted for each element.
1: Refinement strategy is Face Extraction: 4 subcells per cell
2: Refinement strategy is Equal Face Area: 8 subcells per cell
3: Refinement strategy is Equal Face Area and Face Extraction: 32 subcells per cell
The unknowns are always evaluated at the center of the subcell.


iOutputMask allows visualizing only part of the unknown. The stress tensor (6), the velocities (3), the plastic strain tensor (6) and the accumulated plastic strain eta, can be switched off or on by changing the corresponding bit in the iOutputMask array.


Using the OutputRegionBounds parameter, under the &Output heading, in the parameter.par file the user can define the region for which the output is to be written. This region is provided in the following format:

OutputRegionBounds = xMin xMax yMin yMax zMin zMax


Here is an example of wavefield output parametrization:
OutputFile = '/output/prefix'
iOutputMask = 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
OutputRegionBounds = -5e3 5e3 -10e3 10e3 -8e3 0e0
Format = 6                          ! Format (6=hdf5, 10= no output)
TimeInterval = 5.0                  ! Index of printed info at time
printIntervalCriterion = 2          ! Criterion for index of printed info: 1=timesteps,2=time,3=timesteps+time
refinement = 1