To set up a SeisSol run, you need to do the following steps (assuming you are in the root directory of the code repository):

  1. Create the launch directory:

    mkdir launch_SeisSol
  2. Copy all executables to the launch directory:

    cp build/SeisSol* launch_SeisSol/
  3. Create your Parameter File

  4. Copy any additional input files referenced in the parameter file (for example file with receiver coordinates) to your launch directory

  5. (For large mesh only) Create symbolic links (ln -s) to the mesh file(s) in your launch directory

  6. Make sure output and checkpoint directories exist

  7. Optional: set Environment Variables for tuning

Checklist for required files

Necessary files

  • SeisSol executable (compiled on the system where the job will run)

  • Parameter file

  • *.yaml files for setting model parameters

Optional files depending on settings in the parameter file

  • receiver files in *.dat format

  • fault receiver files in *.dat format (in the parameter file)