Fault taggingΒΆ

In SeisSol, boundary conditions are historically tagged as:
0: regular
1: free surface
3: dynamic rupture
5: absorbing
6: periodic

Recently, we added the possibility to also tag dynamic rupture also with n>64. It is then possible to initialized fault parameters segment-wise easily. For example, if we have 2 segments, and we want them to have different dynamic friction, we can tag them with 3 and 65 and then use:

[mu_d]: !Any
    - !GroupFilter
      groups: 3
      components: !ConstantMap
          mu_d:    0.3
    - !GroupFilter
      groups: 65
      components: !ConstantMap
          mu_d:    0.4

Currently, the only way to tag fault faces using simModeler library and pumgen is to compile pumgen in the xml branch and make use of the xml feature. For example, to tag face 2 as 3 and face 8 and 9 as 65, we would use:

<boundaryCondition tag="3">2</boundaryCondition>
<boundaryCondition tag="65">8,9</boundaryCondition>

Then pumgen is run using the xml option:

poe pumgen -s simmodsuite -l SimModelerLib.lic --xml MeshandAnalysisAttributes.xml prefix.smd output_prefix