Fault tagging

In SeisSol, boundary conditions are tagged as:
0: regular
1: free surface
2: free surface + gravity (water surface)
3 or n>64: dynamic rupture
5: absorbing
6: periodic

Dynamic rupture can therefore be tagged using a range of possible tags. This allows initializing fault parameters segment-wise easily. For example, if we have 2 segments, and we want them to have different dynamic friction, we can tag them with 3 and 65 and then use:

[mu_d]: !Any
    - !GroupFilter
      groups: 3
      components: !ConstantMap
          mu_d:    0.3
    - !GroupFilter
      groups: 65
      components: !ConstantMap
          mu_d:    0.4

Currently, the only way to tag fault faces other tags than 3 with SimModeler is to use the –xml option of pumgen. For example, to tag face 2 as 3 and face 8 and 9 as 65, we would use:

<boundaryCondition tag="3">2</boundaryCondition>
<boundaryCondition tag="65">8,9</boundaryCondition>

Then pumgen is run using the xml option:

pumgen -s simmodsuite -l SimModelerLib.lic --xml MeshandAnalysisAttributes.xml prefix.smd output_prefix